Tuesday, September 06, 2005

UPDATED: Tonight at Rich O's: $10 for a pint of Abita Purple Haze - for a good cause.

NOTE: This will last as long as there's beer left in the keg, so remember to check back!

$10 for a pint of Abita Purple Haze?

You bet, and with all proceeds to be donated to Hurricane Katrina disaster relief.

On Tuesday afternoon, we’re tapping a keg of Abita Purple Haze, a raspberry wheat ale brewed near New Orleans. 20-oz. Imperial pints will be sold for $10, with all proceeds earmarked for disaster relief.

There are approximately 95 pints in a keg, so when the keg’s dry, we’ll probably round off the contribution at $1,000.

As a side note, it would appear that Abita, maker also of the justly renowned Turbo Dog, escaped major damage, but there's no word yet on Dixie and Crescent City Brewing.

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